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Ready for a sweeter telco experience?

Are you looking for the best voice & data solutions, with; Australian customer service, account management & 24/7 technical support

Yes? - then it's time to make us - your telco team!

At sweet we get how essential a great team and great voice & data solutions are to the needs of your succesful business.

Sweet is the recognised leader for customised, great value products:

  • Fixed broadband - high-speed, fibre and nbn
  • Phone systems - clouldpbx and on-premises (Avaya)
  • Voice lines, voip and SIP trunks
  • 13 / 1300 and 1800 non-georgraphic numbers
  • Data cabling solutions

Of course we also offer these awesome services:

  • We're the office relocation experts
  • Project management
  • Free telecoms audits
  • local account management

The team at sweet are passionate and proud of their ties to local business and community groups, and are strong supporters of diversity, culture and equality within the work place and support equality for all Australians.

So, if you are tired of the neglect from your current telco provider, then it's time to join the Sweet Community. We'll not only remove your telecom headaches - allowing you to focus on what you and your business do best - but you'll become part of our extensive referral and business support network.

Let us take you for a coffee, or call us on 1300 662 338

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