Avaya 2033 ip speakerphone

avaya 2033

Provides an outstanding conferencing solution
The 2033 IP Speakerphone is perfect for managerial / executive offices as well as small and medium sized conference rooms.

So, what does it do?

  • -Full duplex speakerphone with 360 degree microphone pickup
  • -Multi-field LCD Screen
  • -Volume control bar for ringer and speaker volume
  • -3 soft keys that can map up to 4 soft keys providing access to a maximum of 10 functions
  • -2 specialised fixed keys for message inbox and services
  • -3 call processing fixed keys - Line, Hold, Goodbye
  • -Automatic network configuration

And here's the rest...

Whilst this unit on its own provides excellent coverage for small and medium sized conference rooms, it also has the option for an additonal 2 extension microphones to be attached increasing the range and allowing for coverage in larger rooms. A familiar keypad and interface means that the 2033 can be used easily and without the need for training, increasing efficiencyand productivity. In addtion to this, set up of this phone is simple, with intergrated power over Ethernet (PoE) and an AC power kit where PoE is unavailable.

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