Avaya 3725 dect wireless phone

avaya 3725

Freeing staff from their desk without compromising connectivity

The Avaya 3725 DECT handsets are designed to meet the needs of both an office and an industrial environment. As well as being able to make and receive phone calls, users have access to features such as hold, conferencing  and messaging.

Key features include:

  • -High Security and excellent voice quality
  • -Half duplex speakerphone
  • -Long range and battery life - 20 hours of speech (13 with bluetooth)120 hours of standby
  • -IP DECT and ISDN DECT Network compatibility
  • -Headset interface
  • -Liquid and dust protection
  • -Phone book - 250 contacts
  • -Headset interface
  • -128 x 160 px 64k colour LCD display with LED back-light


And here's the rest...

DECT wireless phones allows staff to move freely around their workplace building while still remaining available to collegues and customers. By offering a secure, dedicated voice-only network in an assigned band, interference is minimised or eliminated and with a famililar, simple to use interface this phone can be easily used by anyone.


PDFDownload the Avaya 3725 Fact Sheet here

PDFDownload the Avaya 3725 User Guide here

PDFDownload the Avaya 3725 Quick Reference Guide here

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