#1 in telecoms

Sweet JobAdvisor ReviewWhen you have a mission, it's important to get third party validation of progress against your goals - to make sure you're not smoking your own dope. Sweet is creating the telco small and medium business loves to work with and where our team love to work. We know our customers love us thanks to our awesome NPS results - and now, thanks to JobAdvisor, we know that the team loves what it's doing too.

JobAdvisor provides the inside story on what it’s like to work for Australia’s Employers, without the hype and marketing spiel. Based upon anonymous feedback from the people who matter most ­ employees ­ they tell it how it really is so that you can make an informed decision about your next employer.

JobAdvisor is a community website so it’s completely free to participate and voice your opinion. Be part of the community and tell Australia what it’s like where you work.

The JobAdvisor mission is to be Australia's most comprehensive and trusted source of information on what it's like to work for Australia's employers. Sweet is delighted to be part of the story early, and with a great result for our team.

Thanks to the anonymous reviews on JobAdvisor from Sweet team members past a present, Sweet is now ranked number 1 in the Telecommunication industry sector and 9th in Australia overall - what a result!

Check out what it's like to work at Sweet or send us your CV telling us why you're awesome

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