Sip Trunks

Access powerful IP voice to improve the way you work

Gain access to powerful IP voice features without the need to purchase new equipment - improving the way you work, while reducing cost and management complications.

What are the benefits?

  • Improve productivity with powerful new communication and collaboration tools

  • Manage and reduce call costs with on-net calling

  • Reduce the expense and inefficiency of separate networks

  • Improve flexibility by using a mix of legacy and hosted equipment and share capacity with the Business Trunks Shared Capacity option

  • Easily add and remove voice channels with minimal cost

  • Gain the flexibility of using the National Broadband Network in locations where it is available

What features are included?

There are 2 packages to choose from:

Business Lines - For smaller sites with equipment that has fewer features or less capacity.

  • 2 to 8 voice lines

  • 2 to 32 Direct In-dial numbers

  • Call forwarding busy / no answer

  • Call Return

  • Call Transfer

  • Flash Call Hold

  • Last Number Redial

  • Three Way Call

  • Malicious Call Trace

Business Trunks -  For medium to large sites with fully features PBXs.

  • Call Waiting

  • External Calling Line ID Delivery

  • Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking

  • Internal Calling Line ID Delivery

  • Outgoing Call Plan

  • Incoming Call Plan

  • Malicious Call Trace

What about optional features?

Mobility Pack

  • Simultaneous Ring allows a voice call to be routed to up to 10 numbers at once so calls are less likely to be missed.

  • Remote Office - Work remotely while maintaining corporate identity. Nominate a mobile or ISDN/PSTN number and protect the caller ID of the current location

  • Telstra Toolbar - Control telephony features from your PC

Real Time Billing

Real Time Billing provides information on incoming and outgoing calls including start / finish time and date of each call. this allows call costs to be monitored with the appropriate software.

Business Continuity Pack

This automatically detects when the network loses connectivity to your registering device and reroutes calls to an alternative location until connectivity is restored.

Business Trunks Shared Capacity Pack

Consolidate call resources and reduce the number of channels required by by purchasing a share pool of call capacity. When purchased in conjunction with the Business Continuity call redirection option, this provides the possibility to maintain a full call capacity, even in the event of a network failover.

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