Telstra's new international Travel Pass

Are you about to travel overseas and want to take your Telstra phone with you?

Here is the perfect solution for this issue!

Keep the cost down with the Telstra’s new international Travel Pass

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Keeping your existing number and travelling with your phone has never been easier or

more cost effective. For a one-off charge, an International Travel Pass gives you unlimited

voice calls and SMS to and from standard numbers. You’ll also receive a data allowance,

all to use in eligible countries of your selected zone for the period of the pass.  

The International Travel Passes are available for two different Zones

(each with their own eligible countries)and come in 3,7,14, or 30 day durations.

The Zone 1 Travel Passes work out at $5 per day, and the Zone 2 Travel Passes at $10 per day.


What you need to know

Before you leave

Want to use your Telstra SIM and phone overseas? Check that they support international

roaming at your travel destination and then activate roaming before you leave.


International Travel Pass

An International Travel Pass becomes active the moment you take it up. They recommend

you purchase it when you land overseas, there is no charge to call them from your Telstra mobile.


Track your usage

They’ve put together some useful tips and spend management tools to help you keep track

of your phone usage and roaming costs while overseas.


Telstra's new international Travel Pass

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