The sweet story

Sweet was born from a vision to provide the best telco experience for Australian business

Sweet was concieved by co-founders Michael Holtham and Will Noble, after years of Mike working in the Australian & British telco sectors. When Mike & Will returned to Australia in 2008 - and realising just how poor the telco experience was for our business friends and the local business communtiy.

The conceived vision was to set up an Australian telco, that;

  • Offers the best voice & data products available
  • Delivers sweet service
  • Provides account management (no matter how small you are)
  • Excels with local customer service & technical support
  • Our team & interns love to work
  • Whom our partners love to work with!

Sweet was born in 2010, based in the heart of Sydney's creative hub - Surry Hills. Our Australian based customer service, service delivery and technical support teams, are based in Melbourne. Between these two major Australian centre's we're able to service businesses across Australia - offering simplified communication solutions, and delivering awesome value and service.

The team at sweet are passionate and proud of their ties to Australian business and community groups, and are strong supporters of diversity, culture and equality within not just our work place, but all work places.

Let us take you for a coffee, or call us on 1300 662 338

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