telstra slash international data pack pricing

AirplaneWith immediate effect Telstra have slashed the price of Casual International Data Packs.

Casual Traveller Data Pack are available from 100MB to 1.5GB and can now be used in some 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe, New Zealand, UK and the USA.

As part of the new packages, there are no restrictions to the number of countries - but the packs are valid for 30 days from the date of activation

To assist in monitoring that you don't exceed your data pack allowance, travellers will now receive a SMS alert for every 20MB of use. Please note, if you travel to more than one country, then the text alerts start a 0 for each country you visit.

New Plans

Here’s how the Casual Traveler Data Pack prices stack up:

• $29 for 100MB
• $85 for 300MB
• $160 for 600MB
• $350 for 1.5GB

With out a Casual International Data Pack casual Internet usage has also been slashed from $15/MB to $3/MB.

If you're travelling soon and would like to reduce your international roaming charges, be sure to speak to the team at Sweet about how you can activate a pack on your mobile service.

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