Fastest in the world: New Telstra Ultimate 3G Mobile WiFi

Aussies are now taking a growing range of internet-enabled devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets with them when they’re outside the home and office. However managing separate mobile broadband accounts for each gadget and getting them all online quickly can be a hassle.


This week Telstra is launching a super-fast battery-powered device that shares Next G® network mobile broadband connectivity with up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously.

It’s called the Telstra Ultimate® Mobile Wi-Fi and it provides blistering fast download speeds ranging from 1.1Mbps to 20Mbps in Australia’s capital city CBDs and associated airports, selected metropolitan hubs and more than 100 regional centres*. Business customers will be able to purchase the super-fast device from today while a BigPond version will go on sale for consumers on 19 July.

The Telstra Ultimate® Mobile Wi-Fi device makes it easy for customers to connect Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the internet via the Next G network at speeds up to four times faster than currently achievable using similar competitor 3G Wi-Fi hotspot products in capital CBDs and selected regional areas.

The pocket-sized device sports a sleek black design and a large LED display which provides information such as signal strength, number of devices connected and battery level at a glance.  It is the first 3G hotspot of its kind in Australia to support Wi-Fi standard N connectivity for fast Wi-Fi throughput. It includes a handy audio alert that lets owners know when devices connect and disconnect from the Wi-Fi network, while a web-based control portal allows for the adjustment of network security and Wi-Fi range settings from an internet browser.

We expect that the Ultimate Mobile Wi-Fi will be popular among business people who want to be able to connect teams or multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices out in the field.  In particular, it’s a neat solution for businesses that want to be able to take their own fast network with them when presenting to clients or setting up temporary work locations.

It should also prove popular with consumer customers. On family holidays, for instance, setting up a fast mobile hotspot in the car or holiday home, could help keep kids entertained on their games consoles and tablets.
Check out our video for an overview of how the Ultimate Wi-Fi works.

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