Customer Focus: Points Of Difference Events

Points of Difference Events




Sweet Telecom would like to introduce Points Of Difference Events as one of our long standing clients. Points Of Difference Events host entertainment and travel solutions to the GLBT community and their friends, with events held across Australia.

Their business aim is to make it easy for you to experience quality occasions, whether they be a simple theatre show, a hosted dinner or a trip with a group of friends. They aim to make it easy for people to get out, be social and experience premium events and functions.

Headed up by Owner and Director Adam Bold, they produce a fun and varied program throughout the year, including the annual Frosty Fruits Ski Trip and their Sivilsed Supper program. They can also help you with creating your own special event, through their event management and catering services.

Adam approached Sweet because he wanted to spend time focusting on his business and not spend time resolving issues that telecoms companies inevitably create - such as billing errors. As well Adam wanted Sweet to manage adhoc changes that means their internet, mobiles and fixed line services are always on a Sweet deal - and managed by a company that ultimately cares about his business success.


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