Auf Wiedersehen, Moritz

Moritz reflects on his time at Sweet in a farewell post - he'll be sorely missed

Business Telecoms. Doesn’t sound too sexy, does it? In a world of Smartwatches and Smartphones, Virtual Reality and Google Glass people tend to forget about the basic communication needs of every home and especially every business: their telecoms.

To be honest with you, I never thought about it either.

In Germany, where I’m from, telecom companies are as infamous for bad customer service as their Australian counterparts. Limited help, expensive phones and plans - the lot. When I heard they had these problems in Sydney, I felt like I’d be right back at home.

So the decision to fly to the other side of the world to work for a small and medium business telecoms provider might sound surprising. But I haven’t regretted it one bit. It is a tough business, I know that for sure now. But that makes it even more interesting from a lot of different perspectives, like marketing.

Still, soon after I arrived two and a half months ago I realised it’s more than just plain marketing. Attending early-morning networking events are part of the job, as well as maintaining standout customer service. This hard gained USP is not only vital in the telecoms provider business, but also leads to referrals - fundamental for the success and growth of a small company.


Moritz At AFL


I’ve developed a lot of respect over the last few weeks for people who try to sustain this extraordinary customer service approach - even in situations where an outburst of frustration would be more than appropriate.

Because ultimately, exceptional customer service helps a lot in a business where you’re wedged between two stakeholders. We’re in constant contact with the customer on one side and big telco companies on the other side. Additionally, customers don’t want to spend too much time and money - and sometimes any attention at all - on their business’s telecoms.

Coming from Germany I had to adapt to the daily business life. Greeting someone you’ve never met before with “Hi, nice to meet you! How is it going?” is definitely something that would make some people (not only in Germany) suspicious. And that’s not even part of the “standout customer service” - just decent kindness.

And that’s what I’ll take away the most: the attention to detail in customer service. The patience and kindness, which is sometimes very difficult to maintain, but always super important, is above all what I’ve definitely learned during my time here. And hopefully, I can bring it back to Germany!


Moritz is an intern at Sweet Telecom and spent the last two and a half months in Sydney.

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