Smart Attendant

A range of attendant IVR services to improve customer experience

What is it?

Smart Attendant provides advanced IVR attendant functionality and integrates to your customer data to make better call routing decisions, bringing callers to the right person - first time, everytime. With Inference Smart Attendant you can easily integrate technologies such as speech recognition, text-to-speech and web services to create dynamic and personalised caller interactions whilst observing your underlying business rules.

How does it work?

CloudSmart Attendant is built on Sweet Studio, a cloud-based telephony platform which allows an enterprise to customise its call routing strategies to suit the business. By operating as a cloud-based system, enterprises can develop call scripts immediately and without the need for capital investment. Smart Attendant comes with pre-built call flows including NPS and eNPS enabling you to be up-and-running in minutes, not hours. 

Standard funtionality such as holiday schedules, business operating hours and menus are pre-built and easily customised. All prompts can be easily managed on-line and customers have complete control over the underlying technoligies used.

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Removing Complex IVR Menus

Using customer data to make routing decisions means Smart Attendant can remove the dreaded multi-level menu hopping often experienced within traditional IVRs. By integrating simple web services or table lookups callers can be identified immediately, tailoring the smart attendant for each call.

Instead of asking why your customer wants to speak to you, make Smart decisions based on what you understand about your customer: Do they have existing tickets open; is this the reason they are calling? Are they a VIP? Is their account in arrears? Do they have a service call booked; is this why they are calling?


Smart Attendant features a set of graphical reports available via an online portal. Customers can view which calls went down which IVR path, review the volume of calls, time of arrival and menu path travelled. Custom reports can be extended by adding additional logging nodes to the call flow enabling detailed analysis of arrival patterns and exit points within the IVR.

Real World Examples

Virtually any organisation can benefit from Smart Attendant.

Many organisations are burdened with old premise-based PBX platforms that offer only a small fraction of the functionality offered by Smart Attendant. The advantages of moving to the cloud are numerous and Smart Attendant can be a useful tool to implement the transition. Customers can migrate the IVR first and follow up with the underlying PBX later.

Smart Attendant allows for the creation of as many attendants as required; a common requirement for many retail and multi-site franchise businesses. The solution also offers benefits for those organisations that would like to offer IVR functionality at multiple sites but manage IVR operations centrally.

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