Business Mobiles

Sweet Telecom brings you a comprehensive range of options to fit your business's mobile needs

Finding a suitable mobile plan for your business used to be annoying. Thanks to Sweet Telecom, that’s now history. Check out our Go Business and Fleet Connect plans.

Telstra Go Business Mobile Plans

Thanks to the Go Business Mobile plans from Telstra, we’ll find the perfect solution to your business’s mobile needs.

You can select from a wide range of data and voice packages.

Telstra Go Business Plans

Why Go Business?

  • New and recontracting customers receive up to 2GB bonus data each month.
  • With the Data Share SIM (normally $5/mth) you can share your extra data with your team with some extra broadband/internet.
  • Extra Data lets you top up your allowance in 1GB blocks for $10 each.
  • All calls to eligible mobiles in Australia on the same Go Business plan are free.
  • You'll be able to trade in your old phone for a brand new one after 12 months.

Fleet Plus

Telstra Business Fleet Plus plans make getting connected easy. Geared towards larger businesses, these plans become cheaper as you add more employees to your fleet - so the bigger the better! There is a comprehensive range of integrated plans for calling, messaging or data usage to suit the communication needs of your business.

There are a range of plans available depending on your voice and data needs

Fleet Plus Features Updated

Add more employees to your fleet and you'll receive some great calling discounts

fleet Plus Call rates Updated

Why Fleet Plus?

  • Unlimited SMS Messages
  • Unlimited MessageBank or MessageBank PLUS
  • Free voice calls and SMS messages to eligible mobiles on the same account within Australia.
  • Greater value - the more eligible mobile services there are on your account, the lower your call rates
  • With the time calling option, most standard national calls are charged by the second.
  • Pool voice call and data allowances and share them across the entire account.
  • New Phone feeling - trade in your old phone after 12 months and get a shiny new one
  • Roaming bonuses - the premium plan allows unlimited calls and SMS to standard international numbers. Also, when roaming in eligible countries, you'll get unlimited voice calls and SMS to standard numbers in Australia and eligible countries.

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