Extra Data

More data, better price, greater control

datadataAs part of an ongoing effort to improve customer service and rid the world of the dreaded bill-shock, our partners at Telstra have introduced a new way of paying for more data when you go over your monthly allowance!

With Telstra’s upcoming Extra Data plan, you’ll only pay $10 for an additional GB of data - compared with the old system of paying $0.03 for every extra MB. This will give Sweet customers greater control over your spend and could save you up to $20 for every extra gigabyte of data you need.

This announcement comes coupled with Telstra’s Easy Share Data upgrade - available for new or recontracted customers from April 9.

The Extra Data scheme will kick off from May 12. Are you a Sweet Managed Service customer? If yes, call us on 1300 662 338 and we can opt in on your behalf!


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