iPhone 6s release rumours

The smartphone's saga continues...

It’s that time again. Anticipation is building ahead of the launch of Apple’s next iteration of that semi-successful device they first released back in July 2007: the iPhone.

Several years, and a cheeky 500 million sales, later; it’s been quite a journey. So what does the latest episode in the world’s favourite smartphone saga have in store for us.

We’ve combed the universe to find out…

What will it look like?

Allegedly leaked photos and schematics have surfaced on the internet which show that the casing will be the same size as the previous iPhone 6 (4.7 inches and 5.5 inches for the Plus).

iPhone 6s schematics

Strangely, the phone is rumoured to be thicker than the iPhone 6 to allow some of the new features, most notably Force Touch.

What will it include?

Force Touch -  Already included in the AppleWatch and Macbook, it looks like Force Touch will be coming to the latest iPhone - enabling users to perform different actions by pressing down harder on their screens.

Captivating Cameras - Apple recently acquired a company that specialises in providing smartphones with DSLR camera quality, so its safe to say they’ll be looking to improve in the photography department. It’s rumoured the 6s Plus will have a 12MP rear camera and will support 4K video recording.

Scratch-free Screens - Sapphire glass screens were rumoured to be included in the iPhone 6 but fell through due to a manufacturing error. The rumour mill claims they’ll be making an appearance this time around.

iPhone 6s

When can I have it?

The official product launch is rumoured to be September 9 (September 10 in Australia) - just 30 more sleeps! The store sales date is expected to be a couple of weeks later - September 25 according to a few sources.


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