Sweet Managed Customer

Handling all your telco headaches so you can focus on your business

Dedicated on-shore account management

Sweet stands apart from other telcos by providing customers with dedicated account management, on-shore in Australia. Sweet deals with issues and queries through whichever channel suits you, not us.

As a Sweet customer you can speak to us directly on the telephone, send an email or submit a request ticket via our Website.

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Carrier & asset management

The job of managing the relationship with your telecoms carrier and keeping track of telephony assets is usually left to a member of your team without the skills to negotiate the minefield of options, or an expensive member of your team whose time is better employed on their day job. 

Sweet can manage your assets and carrier relationships; leaving your team to do what they're good at.

Full service out-sourcing

If you use our full service out-sourcing you can consider Sweet to be part of your team. 

Your Sweet account manager will manage every aspect of your business telephony including proactive collaboration with your finance and IT team, technology suppliers and integration partners.

Let us take you for a coffee, or call us on 1300 662 338

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