Sweet handled the relocation from start to finish

Mortgage Choice

Moving office is challenging enough without the headache of specifying and installing a new phone system, migrating numbers, arranging fixed line installations, cabling for the office - the list goes on. Mortgage Choice approached Sweet when they realised that the relocation of their entire telephony infrastructure needed to be handled by an experienced project team. Sweet to the rescue!

     - Telstra Internet

     - Telstra Fixed Lines

     - Telstra Mobiles

     - Telstra Mobile Broadband

     - Avaya Phone System

     - Structured Cabling

"When faced with the daunting task of moving office and installing new phone lines and a new phone system, the team at Sweet solved that by taking the entire project on from start to finish. They managed everything, from cabling the office through to the Telstra line installation and the new Avaya phone system on our desks. We couldn't have done it without them, their help and expertise, thank you so much!"

Philip Sangster

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