Sweet Services

Managed Customer

Are you tired of spending hours on hold to Telstra, only to finally speak with someone who doesn’t understand you or your business? If you would prefer dedicated account management and more - sweet’s managed customer service is for you.

Free Telecoms Audit

Whether you're with Telstra or another carrier, Sweet can provide you with a full audit of your business telecoms and report of recommendations.

Net Promoter Score

Sweet Telecom can provide the Australian on-shore grunt you need to survey your customers and provide you with the data you require to understand your Net Promoter Score.

Project Management

Facing an office move or serious expansion? Between the data guys, the cablers, and the builders - you have one stressful combination. Recruit the experts to help coordinate your project.

Carbon Neutral Telecoms

We're all becoming more conscious of our environmental impact. If you want help offsetting your business's carbon footprint then give us a call.

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