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We give our verdict on the Smart Watch

Just when we thought that technology couldn’t take over our lives enough, there’s now a new player in the field of connectivity and gadgetry. Only being known before to tech-fanatics, the smart watch has taken the market by storm recently, with every major heavy-hitter in the mobile sector entering in their own design in wearable devices.

Apple Watch

These new watches come in many shapes, sizes, and price ranges. We start at the barebones and affordable Pebble Time and move through to the sleek, and sometimes gold-plated, Apple Watch. Offering up ultra-convenient features such as call answering, heart rate tracking, and notifications, these smart watches appear to be a step into the future of wearable teach and ease of use. But as with any piece of new technology, the age-old question of “What the heck do I need this for?” comes to mind. To answer that, lets take a look at the features and functionality of these newest players in the mobile tech game:

Smart watches serve as less of a standalone device and more of a compliment to your smartphone, since they cannot operate without first connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. They can alert you on your wrist when receiving texts, calls or even letting you know when your Uber has arrived. Think of it as a notification centre on your wrist. You can also control some of the basic functions of your phone, such as turning down your music volume or making calls and quickly answering texts. Aside from these convenient quirks, there really isn't anything smart watches can do particularly better in than their phone counterparts.

Apple Watch 2

With prices starting at over $200 for the most basic models, smart watches are a convenient, but expensive addition to your tech arsenal. Are you willing to shell out that much for an enhanced notification centre within a slight flair of fashion? Then a smart watch might indeed be for you. But if $300 sounds too much for a phone accessory, you can sit out the smart watch craze. You really wont be missing much.


Drew Tornabene

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