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Sweet launches the Refer & Reward Leaderboard

Since May, we’ve been offering free bottles of champagne for all successful referrals. And the response has been fantastic - with our first bottles already going out to referral partners earlier this month!

Sweet Blog Post Leaderboard

In fact, the response has been so terrific that we've just launched another initiative as our way of saying a big thank you to our referral partners: the Refer & Reward Leaderboard.

What’s this all about then?!

At the end of every month (June included), we’ll give away a $200 voucher to the referral partner that’s given us the greatest number of successful referrals for that month. The leaders for the month will be able to choose a gift card from a Myer, Red Balloon, Woolworths...or anywhere that offers vouchers.

To keep you all in the loop, we’ll keep an updated version of the leaderboard on our site.

Our pals over at Blue Oak Financial and Jones Lang LaSalle are in the lead for June at the moment, but the month is still young so make sure you get those referrals in within the next week!

Refer & Reward Leaderboard

Sweet continues to grow through referability. Thanks to great customer service and a strong, growing network of referral partners; we’ve built up our brand without cold-calling, door-knocking or spamming - ever.

Remember: if you know anyone relocating office, requiring help with their phone system, or just generally experiencing a telco headache - send them our way and you may win a $200 voucher to go with your free bottle of Champagne.

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