About Sweet

Sweet was conceived in 2010 by Head Honcho, Michael & Co-Founder / Big Noodle, Will. As a culmination of Michael's 20 years in the Australian & international telco sectors, Michael returned to Australia after 7 years in telco abroad, to the cries of Australian businesses who were after better value than the current big players, who could also offer an awesome customer service experience. Those businesses needed a Sweet Solution.

Making it all make sense.

Your passion is your business.. and when its not your area of expertise, you get in the professionals. Telecommunications is no exception. Don't be sold a solution thats not ideal for your business. Talk to the Sweet team, about a Sweet telco Solution for your business.


Your Vision, Our Future.

We believe in attention to detail and awesome value. Most of today's telcos are interested in quick high volume sales. Sweet prides itself in engaging with you, to find the right value solution for you and your business.